Digital Services and Technology Transformation

► 28/2/2018 a 28/5/2018

Curso/treinamento sobre Serviços Digitais e Transformação Tecnológica voltado para operadores de telecomunicações - Telecoms & Tech Academy

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This 3-month programme looks at the changing role of Telecommunication Operators – and how they are responding to changing market conditions and customer expectations by repositioning as Communications Service Providers; adopting a range of Digital Services; and undergoing major Transformation Initiatives. We focus primarily on the services, service delivery and control, and technology transformation – firstly in support of the new service environment, but secondly from the wider perspective of efficiency, capability, scaling and maximising ROI (return on investment) through techniques such as virtualisation (including NFV and SDN, and cloud). The programme consists of 3 modules covering:

Module 1: ICT, Unified Communications & Advanced Digital Services

Module 1 looks at the new service landscape and the impact on the Telecoms Operator/Communication Service Provider. We examine the move to advanced services and evaluate the impact of those on the customer proposition, looking at the services in detail, including deployment options (using Information Communications Technology – ICT – techniques), and related business models. Support for B2B, enterprise, and Machine to M2M, IoT is explored in detail.

Module 2: Technology Transformation – Virtualisation, Cloud and Convergence

The second Module looks at the technologies and systems used to deliver services through the core network.  We look in detail at Service Delivery platforms and techniques used within modern networks. Content and advanced IP-based networks are examined in detail, as well as the supporting technologies in order to gain a comprehensive picture of the requirements as well as the capabilities and limitations of existing service delivery systems.

Module 3: Managing Services, PCC and Billing

Module 3 examines service delivery and control within the advanced network. We look in detail at Service Delivery techniques, latest Operational and Business Support System (OSS and BSS) requirements, Policy Control and Charging (PCC), and advanced billing systems. Quality of Service (QoS) control through PCC and Diameter techniques is looked at in detail.  In particular, we explain how services are delivered, controlled and monetised holistically using modern techniques and systems, including end to end procedures.

Programme Format & In-Course Support

Our fully supported, 3 month Distance Learning programmes provide an in-depth understanding of key communication industry topics. These assessed courses consists of 3 highly focussed modules, each lasting 4 weeks and incorporating comprehensive courseware, exercises, self-test assessments and live tutor led webinars to help you gain a thorough understanding of the subject matter. The flexible format provides an ideal framework on which to develop individual competencies, and if applied as part of the wider training strategy, is a highly efficient and cost effective way of building a range of competencies across the wider organisation. This course features;

  • High Quality Colour Course Manuals
  • Live on Web Tutorials & Webinars Consolidate each Module
  • Tutor support, via email throughout your studies.
  • Self-test assessments to check progress, learning and understanding
  • Post–Course Examination

João Moura, da TelComp, fala sobre competição nas telecomunicações

João Moura falou sobre o aumento da competição no mercado brasileiro de telecomunicações, em entrevista a Renato Cruz, editor do inova.jor.

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